Sweet Tea Olive, Osmanthus Fragrans

Osmanthus fragrans Common Names: tea olive, fragrant olive, sweet olive.

The Tea Olive (oddly enough) doesn’t produce any olives. But what it is famous for is; a small bloom with a fragrance that is unique as any expensive perfume.

Tea olives can grow to be a large evergreen tree. However, it is often pruned into almost any size or shape desired. Sometimes they are hedged in a fashion similar to ligustrum.  Tea olive prefers reasonably good soil, but is also adaptable to poor, sandy soil, (thrive well with neglect).

Light: Sun to partial shade; morning sun with afternoon shade, or high, shifting shade is ideal.
Moisture: Moist to average. Fairly drought tolerant.
Hardiness: USDA Zones 8 to 10.



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